Seeking answers

Another year, another week, another day is upon us. Another moment to be thankful for the things we have. A moment to reflect. A moment to think about the things yet to happen, the ways in which God is continuing to work, prayers yet to have an answer. 2015 was a year of forced transition, facing some issues and a slow evolution. 2016 so far despite some residual challenges has and will continue to be one of new opportunities.

Goals for this year include the following categories

Self Care practices to continue hair and nail appointments, occasional massages, taking classes,reading, the practice of writing in a journal, painting, taking a walk and exercising.

Goals 2016-2017

Grad School round 2- MTS ; PhD 

Improve Credit Score

Purchase additional real estate- residence and rental income

Prepare for motherhood * (Diet, exercise,social habits, habits/practices, finances)

Spiritual Growth/Ministry- Small Group (Henri Nouwen; Howard Thurman) ; Service- Kid Min. ; Disability ; Grow consulting firm

Prayer Focus- Wesley’s covenant prayer ; Hymn- 

Relationship- Pursue stability, growth, commitment

Increase frequency of Self Care Practices as well as the power of saying “No” full stop!

Increase networking/marketing ; Development of friendships





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