Who matters?

Lately all over my social media feeds faith communities  have been up in arms about red cups and the power they apparently possess in defining some people’s faith. It’s sad actually  that in some circles people have reduced Christ’s birth to a message on a cup.  On the other side of the spectrum on my social media spectrum the struggle for whose life and voice matters continues. In the world of writing and reading I am preparing for AAR/SBL 2015. I am presently reading Nyasha Junior’s Introduction to Womanist Biblical Interpretation and Our Lives Matter: A Queer Womanist Theology written by Pamela R. Lightsey.

I’ve taken comfort in the escape and solace books have given me lately in this period of recovery and plotting my next move. Also of comfort is the voice of other women of color telling their stories, strength in numbers,  and power in being authentic,

My struggle continues in finding that balance between academia and the church on a local and broader level. My desire is to keep pushing help students to learn that regardless of the label that may have been placed on you there is still work to do.

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