Privilege, bridging the gap & the label of disability & race

This summer I attended the summer instute on theology & disability.  It is my 2nd time attending the event. It is a time & place where we attempt to show the bridge between academia & practical  work in the area of disability & faith.  The struggle continues…,

Learning you can’t share your dreams & projects with everyone. Questioning why it is that so many just can’t be happy for a colleague’s success but have to let their own privilege get in the way. It’s all about gifts everyone has some but everyone doesn’t use them. Sometimes it is by choice and other times it is because that these gifts haven’t been nurtured and discovered yet.

Privilege is a whole another layer/level. Fighting against it is tough work. Too often the concern of my gender, my color and disability gets in the way. Being the token is tough. Struggling between hats is heavy work, checking between boxes is to heavy a burden sometimes. Why must we pick a hat. Why is that certain hats weigh so much. As a person of color why is it so much about darkness and lightness. Color struck by the institution we choose or don’t choose to attend. Within the black church color struck is too often about titles & letters behind our names.

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