Thoughts on waiting: an Advent reflection

In this season of Advent we people of faith, followers of Christ are reminded of Mary & Joseph’s wait to reach their destination despite its intended mission, the wait for their marriage, the wait for a place to lay their heads while on their journey and the impending birth of Christ. In today’s world many remain in waiting still. We wait for change, we pray for peace, we pray for safety in Aleppo, cease fire in our streets, sanctity for black and brown bodies. Grateful for those who comfort those who mourn in this waiting period, those who bring the word & all who receive it. We pray that children remain children whose innocence is sacred. Take care of yourself in this time of waiting for it permeates all you encounter. Watch your energy. Be patient. Know your worth. Love self. Love others. Nurture your gifts and use them for your benefit and that of others.

This year has been a roller coaster to say the least  so as we look back remember that we made it still here so there must be still work left to do. Hopeful for what’s next. Joyful for simple triumphs, Love through it all and keep going anyhow. Too far to quit, too many lives to impact. Keep grinding , keep reading, keep praying , keep listening God’s not done yet.


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