New ideas💡

Currently reading The Pretty One by Keah Brown exploring how as a person with a disability I am much more than just a diagnosis. While yes disability is part of me but it is not my entirety.  What’s new well I’m learning what married life is like. One year down and more to come. No children yet…exploring various avenues including adoption. One move down and waiting to see what happens next . This virus has taken a toll on so much. Not here to complain because I and many of my loved ones still have their health and livelihoods.
A thought that recently piqued my interest is along the lines of maternal child health and disability. Many of us have read the data and seen the disparities facing moms and moms to be of color. Just this past week I heard about the tragedy of Sha’Asia Washington and her death would could’ve been prevented had health professionals cared for her and her families needs.  I’m wondering about black women and other women of color with disability and how mothers intersect. How can doulas and other birth workers be supportive of women of color with disabilities. How often are we even ever given access to these services and how is culturally relevant care realistic in this day and time. What are the statics are their bitthworkers, midwives doulas and other professionals who offer care to women of color with disabilities? How does faith intersect with motherhood and disability?  Until next time

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