Future visions: Talks & Teaching

Thinking aloud about things yet to come.  Coming back to thoughts on my experience at AAR/SBL ( American Academy of Religion)  (Society of Biblical Literature) and the work that remains. As some of you know I currently work in K-12 special education striking to find a balance between the local church, the academy and the secular realm we live in.

Thinking about some courses I would like to teach or develop in the future for undergraduates and possibly some grad students. A course titled  Say her name: hashtags, disability, and women of color  to examine the influence  of social media at the intersection of social justice, disability from the lens of women of color.

Purple splendor: A theological look at women of color, disability and trauma. This course would examine the influence of trauma from the lens of women of color and the influence of disability and Womanist thought.

Checks, labels and the illusion of prosperity in a post Obama world in the age of Trump: An examination  of Christian ethics

Living your best life being a person of color  & disability: Economics, Real world encounters and life skills. This course would provide real skills including managing finances on a fixed income such as SSI/disabilty, dealing with police brutality and dealing with the Un Justice system, finding community resources.  Too many black and brown are being trafficked and dying at the hands of police.

Reproductive justice and disability: An exploration on incorporating disability into the reproductive justice movement.

An exploration of Micah 6:8 in a time of resistance . Just one or all three

Black is beautiful: intersection and identity politics


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